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Premium quality We only work with high quality and fresh raw materials. We feed animals with that same quality that we ourselves consume.
Fresh meat food with 90-99 % meat Mit much fresh meat and tasty sides we fill the bowels! Exactly, as dogs and cats love it and what can be digested by them in the best way.
Natural taste The tasty flavor of the Anifit meals originates from good, fresh quality and not of taste enhancers or added sugar. Tasty and good for the body.
Support and Advice included Sportive speeder or lovable cuddler? Every pet is different. Our trained advisors are happy to support you in all areas of your pet’s diet.


There is only one really competent examiner of food, independent and incorruptible - your dog or your cat!

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Healty and species-appropriate food is just one part of an holistic animal welfare.

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